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About Us

A New Concept in Technical Learning

Code in a Castle provides week-long technical training seminars in castles and villas, combining significant learning opportunities with fantastic travel experiences, great food, and unique accommodations.  One of our instructors coined the term "Traincation" to describe what we do -- technical training and vacation at the same time!

We expect family members to join the program and additional activities are scheduled during course time so that no one is ever bored.  Course time is never more than four hours a day and other activities provided by our staff who are deeply familiar with the area we've chosen for the course.  

We work with ​some of the top instructors across a variety of technical topics.

We carefully choose our venues based on comfort, location, and historic interest.

Meet the Team

Meet some of our Program Hosts and Instructors.  If you're an experienced trainer and want to work with us, please visit our Instructor Info Page

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