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Best Day of All

Our favorite day in Tuscany is not the one we would have bet on!

An indoor swimming / soaking pool lit from underwater, under an old roman arched ceiling.
The indoor caldarium at Calidario Terme Estrusche.

During our fall 2023 Blazor Master Class in Tuscany we toured small hill towns and the cities of Sienna and Massa Marittima. We visited markets, a vineyard, and the beach and dined in a truly magnificent restaurant as well as many local beachfront places. But the one day that most people mentioned as their favorite came as a surprise to us — the day we spent at the Calidario Terme Etrusche or Etruscan Thermal Baths.

It's not widely known that Tuscany is a hotbed of geothermal activity. The first geothermal plant in the world was built in Tuscany, and geothermal energy now accounts for 30% of the region's energy usage. All this happens In the hills above the Castello di Magona, which is one of our venues for Code in a Castle programs.

All this underground heat means that Tuscany is also littered with naturally occurring hot springs, many of which have been in continuous use since before Roman times. Towns everywhere have "bagno" (baths) or "terme" (hot springs) in their names. There are hundreds to choose from and one of the best is right in Campiglia Marittima, a half-mile or so from the castle. These hot springs are believed to have been in use since pre-Roman Estruscan times with the current spa house built on Roman foundations.

We spent a lazy afternoon here in the indoor and outdoor pools. There is also a steam room and sauna, as well as a full menu of massages and other treatments. The facilities are beautiful but I think what made the day special was the sense of history, as well as the fact that it was a "take it easy" sort of day. We'll definitely be working a spa / hot springs day into each one of our Tuscany programs in the future.

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